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What Type Of Finish Do You Use?


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I was wondering what type of finish is used the most by hobbyist builders and why. If you use 2-part poly's, do you spray it yourself and do you have a spray booth for it. Noot looking to start an argument about what finish is better or why, or flame anyone for their spraying techniques. More just a poll, to see what tends to be the most common finish used and Why do you choose it?

The two guitars that I have built have both been finished in Nitor Laquer. I have used the DEFT brand. I chose this because in test pieces it was compatible with the acrylic laquer auto paints I used. I went with nitro because of reading about drying problems with acrylic or waterbased laquers. I was tempted to use Minwax poly, but was worried about getting the layers to stick to each other or getting witness lines. I would like to be able to shoot 2-part poly's, but do not have the equipment to do it safely and don't want to pay a auto body shop to do it.

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on probably 80% of my builds i have used a homemade oil finish..equal parts linseed oil, turpentine and varnish. on the others i've used rattlecan satin poly.

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