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In Between Bari Parts-o-caster Action!


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I will move on sunday and I won't have a lot of time after that I want a new guitar though real bad. And this will be a Tele Baritone guitar with 2xp90 and a tele bridge and a varitone...

but I ain't set on the body. Should I go for a finished or an unfinished one? I could go for an unfinished one and do some black staining and an oil finish(what do I need exactly for that?). Or should I go for a finished one and leave that trouble away leading to probably another problem. I will have to do some routing for the p90s... will that be a lot of trouble with the finish? will it crack a lot, what will I have to take care of? I guess I'll rent a router for that for a day or more...(don't have any tools where I go! aH!)

the hardware and the lectronics shouldn't be a problem though.

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Hey--I just finished something really similar. I'm new to this so I went the easy way and just got an MIM Tele body loaded off eBay and stuck a Warmoth neck on it. It sounds great. My first build (which I will get to one of these days, I swear!) is going to be *exactly* what you're talking about--tele body, two p90's and a bari neck (still considering the varitone--not sure I'll use it).

I have a question for you though--How exactly do you plan to fit a p90 in a tele bridge? Are you just gonna get one for a humbucker and use a humbucker-sized p90? I figured w/ mine I was just gonna use either a strat-style fixed bridge or, if I can find one, a ASAT Special-style top-loader (thems some nice bridges, I'll tell you what).

Anyway, Baritone teles rule this world. I'm gonna go play mine right now. Keep us up on your progress, if you will.

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