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What About Two Tbxs


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I just put a TBX tone pot in my guitar and it sounds awesome! But i was wondering if you can put two in there? Would it be double the tone? Probably not, but it sounds cool. Also, i just got one of those tone mod circuits that is basically a pot with a microchip on it. It's called an artec 5-way tone control circuit. Will i be able to use the TBX with the circuit?

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like, if you had two tbx pots, would it mean that if you put both at ten there would be A LOT more treble than normal?

No. The TBX works by "unloading" the pickup with a 1 meg pot. Using two would result in roughly only 500K of unloading... which would translate into even less treble.

If you want more treble than the TBX, there will be a slight increase using a Delta or "unload" pot over the TBX.

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