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Can You Use Automotive Rubbing/polishing Compounds On Your Guitar Proj


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I'm repainting one of my guitars right now and I plan to use Deft lacquer for the clear coats. I've heard from some folks who do furniture work that you can use automotive rubbing an polishing compounds to rub out the finish. I was wondering if you could do this on a guitar?

Thanks for the input!

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+1 for G3 !

Where do you guys find this G3 stuff??

Is it readily available at autoparts stores?? I've got an Autozone, NAPA, an Advance Auto near me . . . do you think they'll have them?

I alreay had some Turtle Wax polishing and rubbing compounds in with my car wash stuff. Are these any good for guitar finishes?

Thanks for all your help guys! :D

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Contact your local automotive paint factors - the guys who supply the trade - it's not the sort of thing that i've found in any local auto store although they'll have something simular but not the real deal. Also note that G3 is a sort of product name so it may not be known in the US as such. Ask your local factor, explain what you want and he'll sort you out.

Jem :D

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