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Skunk Stripe

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I have a question on skunk stripes I have the basic idea where you rout the back and drill through the headstock but my question is on the walnut plugs they put in 1. how do they round the end of the skunk stripe.skunk.jpg

then how do they plug the hole on the headstockhttp://www.gruhn.com/features/tele59/EF6177h.jpg

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The big manufacturers would of course use machinery to automatically do those jobs. In your case, do it any way you can. For the skunk stripe, mark out the radius needed and just sand it off, being very careful to get the shape right. Any inaccuracy will show up very clearly. The hole in the headstock is just that -- a round hole. Plug it with a dowel and then trim the dowel end to the profile of the headstock. Don't try to cut the shape first or it will never line up well.

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