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Seeking Tremolo Setup Advice

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I recently purchased a "slightly used" Samick Malibu MB2 Greg Bennett design series guitar. It is configured like a fat Strat with a tremolo. It seems to be setup well; the strings don't buzz, the intonation is good, it plays well and stays in tune UNTIL you use the tremolo bar. Then it goes badly out of tune. It is not critical that I have or ever use the trem bar, but something doesn't seem right the way it is.

Since I have never played, owned, (nor built) a guitar with a tremolo until now, I'm not sure where to start in attempting to correct this problem. Can any of you trem experts suggest a solution?

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It dopesn't matter of the guitar is set up for a floating or a 'locked' trem. You don't need to install five sroings and have the trem flat against the body they CAN be set up to work when floating.

Firstly the nut needs to be good. It is no good having nut slots that are exactly the right size, the strings will bind. You need some play so the strings can move in the nut slots without rattling. There is way too much talk about 'exact'. EXACT is not always good, RIGHT is much better. Allow a tiny bit of play in the nut slots so that the strings can move.

Lubricate, even if you only use grahpite from a pencil (all I ever use)

Wang the trem up and down a lot so that everything beds in when you have got it adjusted how you want it.

Then string it and STRETCH THE STRINGS. You would not believe the amount of people who get tuning problems because they have not stretched the strings.

If I can get a standard Fender Strat trem to play in tune when floating, while being able to pull up and down then so can you.

it is not rocket science.


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