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Wtb Some Who Can Clearcoat

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WTB some1 who could clearcoat a bass for me. Ive been working on this bass project on and off for a while now and ive come to a part where i cant finish it without some spray gear. and since i dont think ill be doing to many more projects i figured id ask and see if anyone would help me out. id be willing to pay a reasonabler price and ill ship out the guitar . i even have a quart of behlen stringed instrument lacquer that i can also ship witht the bass body that you can keep after the clearcoating is done.

If any1 is interested please pm me or email me at skatz82 AT yahoo.com

thank you.

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I once saw a guitar that a friend built and it had a really nice deep finsh lacquer on it. I was comenting on the finsh and he told me that it was straight out the bottle, he hadn't even sanded or buffed it. It was one of the Rustins range. Plastic Coating I think.

I'll ask him next time I see him.

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Find a local auto body shop. Sometime they will throw it in when doing another car for pretty cheap.

By the time you ship it to someone it wil be between $20 and $30 both ways. Then materials...$60 maybe for rattlecans, primer/sealer, tack rags etc. And then whatever buddy is going to charge you to do it. (Finishing is a lot of work by the way) And this is all provided it doesn't screw up.

$200 is very resonable for a finish that will be deep and shiny right out of the gun.

If you are not willing to pay that try painting it yourself.

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I sandsealed it, primed it, and painted it. all i need is clearcoating. i have the laquer in a can but no spray gun.

If you've already gotten that far, why not do the clear yourself? I was in the exact same boat as you on my first project. I had filled, primed, and painted the guitar, then I took it to a body shop for clearcoating. They only charged me $35, but I was disappointed with the result. Auto clear is much harder to level and buff out, and I had a few sandthroughs as a result.

If it's just the lack of a spray rig that's holding you back, try Guitar ReRanch's rattlecan nitro. Many people here have used it with good results. If you're really set on having someone else do it, make sure to find someone with guitar finish experience who will do the whole process from spraying to buffing out (I doubt you'll find anyone to do this for under $200, btw). If you just give the guitar to some guy with a compressor and spray gun, you're asking for trouble. Painting guitars has a different set of requirements than cars.

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fookgub is correct when saying Painting guitars has a different set of requirements than cars.

that is why paying 200.00 for a good job is worth it.

the can finish sounds like it might be the way to go on this project.

I started spraying my guitars a couple years ago and it take a little getting use to the spray gun. once you got it you will think why did I not do this sooner.

good luck to you.

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