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Guitar Bridge That Can Change From One Tuning To Another?

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Has anyone heard of a guitar bridge (or tuners maybe) that can be installed that allow the player to switch from one open tuning to another? I've been out of the guitar world for a number of years but a few years ago I'd heard about an after market product that works this way.....I'm interested in setting up the guitar I use for Slide Guitar. Help? thoughts?

Thanks in advanced.

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also.....dare I mention the variax?

ok so it's not a bridge but as far as I'm aware you can program any number of alternate tunings which are processed as you play. There's also the piezo, hex preamp & guitar synth option which would allow similar options.

just wanted to give you some other options to think about

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Banjo guys been doing this forever.

Search on "Scruggs Tuners" to find his book wherein he details how to make a set of his original string stretchers out of a pair of ukelele tuners. I couldn't find the actual plans, and I haven't seen a set of plans for this in 30 years.

and "Keith Tuners"

like here

Keith tuners

Or Schaller tuners (copy of the Keith type.. much cheaper. Not as well thought of in the banjo world.)

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