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Lacewood 5-string Bass Neck

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I had laminated two pieces of lacewood to a purpleheart center with the intention of making a through-body neck for for a five string bass (34" scale). The current dimensions of the laminated neck blank are as follows; Purpleheart center (1" wide x 48" length X 1 1/16 thick), lacewood outer pieces (1 1/4" wide x 48" length x 1 1/16th thick). Basically I have three questions; first, is this configuration going to work as to string tension on the neck with one truss rod and no other stiffening agent? Second question, if I do go with two truss rods how far apart from each other do they need to be to work properly? My third and final question, should I just shave off 1/2" of width from the lacewood outers and laminate purpleheart on to either side to make this strong enough?

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2.why bother; throw in graphite strips or 1/4 square bar parralell to truss rod on both sides (most extreme case)

3. your wrapping purpleheart in oak; i think it'll make it. although for me, more laminates = more better (asthetically)

LEF- 1/4" steel bar stock?? TOO Much if that is what you are talking about (unless you want a rigid neck)

1. Yes

2. you will do best to spread them as much as possible. The limiting factor will be the shape of the back of the neck. Absolutely no less than 1/8" needs to remain behind the rods. Personally I don't use two for less than a six string. Especially w/added reinforcing rods.

3. Not needed. If you want to for looks do what you want.


P.S. How much tension will you add with the extra string? Look it up at one of the string manufactuers if you do notknow. Then think about adding additional reinforcement that relates (or is proportionate) to that added load :D . That will take some of the mystery out of this for you.

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Thank-you everyone. I will be moving forward with a single truss rod. You have all been very helpful and the help is greatly appreciated.

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