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Uk Colortone Alternative


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As I can not get my hands on ColorTone wood dyes in the UK anymore, I have been searching for an adequate alternative to dye a maple topcap as on a PRS but the only thing I’ve found is a spirit based NGR dye stain seen here http://www.behlen.co.uk/Merchant2/merchant...gory_Code=DYEST

Will this work as a direct replacement when popping the grain with a dark colour and sanding back, and also faux binding?

many thanks,

Nathan :D

P.S. The Yellow colour one is just an example - they have pretty much each colour that Colortone have

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not sure about those, I was going to use these chestnut ones: http://www.axminster.co.uk/category-Wood-Dye-206897.htm

the sample packs contain several different colours & should be enough for a top in each pack. Also Axminster stock the sanding sealers & laquers from the same company so they should all work together ok.

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Chestnut stuff is nice and easy to get. The Behlen dyes are very nice to use. The advantage of both these companies is they sell all the things you need to build up a finish, so you can be guarenteeeed compatability.


(personally i use the Behlen stuff, can get it from craft supplies with wood etc)

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