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Ok, we rescued two girl dogs that we call Buster Brown (Buster and Brown). When we found them, they had been alone on the streats for god knows how long.

One is a husky mix of some kind and the other is from what I can tell a pure blood dachshund.

Now we fell in love with this little team and thats what they are a team they love eachother so much

and they cant stand to be without the other. when we took them in they where starving and afraid of just about every thing. hears where it gets sad:

we are not sure if we can keep them right now so we called the pound not knowing what we where geting them in to so now they wount let use have them even to find them a good home. They want us to pay 200.00CAD each for the dogs we saved and loved we know the dash hound will get taken in a flash but we fear for the other girl, even sader is that the larger dog will most likey get put down because shes older and biger.

we really dont want to see them taken apart from eacher and we dont want either of them put down

so what we want to do is get the money to get them out of the pound and we may keep them or find a home that will take both dogs (I know that its going to be hard but we are willing to deal with this)

now some good news!! there is still a chance that some one owns the dogs the pound gives people a week

to reclaim after that is when there up for grabs

this saturday is when we will be picking them up if no one has clamied them

now what we are asking is that after saturday if any one would like to toss in just a few bucks to help us recoup some of the costs that would be so helpfull.

at this point we will take them either way we can afford to take care of the dogs its just 400.00 bucks in one shot is a big dent but one we are ready to take on

by the way I have some pics that I'll upload later


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I would love to help, but $400 is about what it costs for a week of dog food for my Great Dane... but man that's a lot of cash that the pound gets for the animals there... here it's anywhere from 5 bucks to 50 bucks with shots, neutering, and microchip implant...almost sounds like they don't want to get rid of them...

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I just spent £300 when my cat got ran over the other Sunday and broke her pelvis. And then last Sunday, I managed to park my car backwards against a crash barrier and wrote it off. I feel for you mate and I'd help if I could, but I can't even pay the rent this month.

I know what it's like dishing out money on animals, I don't care that it's caused serious problems, I just want my cat to be OK, she's a member of the family (and distracting my misses from kids - or at least I hope so anyway).

Good luck mate.

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almost sounds like they don't want to get rid of them...

I know and the fact that we love these dogs soooo much really means nothing to them at all :D

I fell it was a mistake taking them to the pound, and even if the owners show up they have to pay 300.00 bucks a dog :D

I dont get how this works


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Yep just imagine having a 200lb black dog looking you practically IN THE EYE when you open the door to my house...

OH and the reality is that he only eats about $50 a week in food... I buy the Blue Buffalo brand large breed dog chow...

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