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Gibson Style Fingerboard Binding


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Does anyone know what the specific glue Gibson uses to glue the binding to the fingerboard edge?

For it to hang on to the metal fret ends, it's got to be strong.

The Weld-It #16 doesn't seem to hold up to the metal/plastic bond too well.

It seems to separate when the string rubs against the fret end on a string bend.

Thank you,


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The binding is glued to the side of the fretboard, the fret is glued to the fretboard, the fret itself, the crown any way sits on top of the binding.

Yes what you say is true but on a Gibson Les Paul, (at least a older mid 70's one) The binding starts out as high as the fret itself, then I assume the it is scraped down to the fretboard between the frets. So the binding at the frets becomes an extension of the fret itself. As for the right glue, I have no idea. As for other bound fretboards that I have seen, Nitefly SA you are right, the crown sits on top of the binding..

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As a sidenote(and of arguable importance), it's much easier to refret a guitar whose frets hang over the binding as opposed to a guitar where the binding butts up against the end of the fret(a la gibson).



while you are correct the fret "Nibs" add a certain feel

Jackson also uses this method on their U.S.A made guitars and some imports

at least one that i used to own. and its one of the many reasons i love them so much

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Jackson does frets over binding standard, but will dobinding over fret ends on request for an upcharge.

-there is no difference in the glue or glueing method

For ABS bindings, 'weld on' is used.

for nitro bindings, it is acetone with small pieces of nitro binding melted into it until it becomes a gel like consistency.

The fret end may or may not adhere to the binding itself, but is not a concern, as you would really have to try to bend that small nib out of place.

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