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Spraying Shellac

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When spraying shellac, how smooth should the finish be? I have been practicing spraying a slightly less than 2 pound cut of blonde shellac, but no matter how I set my spray gun the finish always feels about like 1000 grit sandpaper. Is this normal? :D

I want to spray the blonde shellac on a maple fretboard before I spray lacquer to give it a kind of vintage vibe. With this sandpapery feel of the shellac, will I need to level sand the shellac before shooting the lacquer or should I just shoot the lacquer over the rough shellac several times to get a good build and then sand it back?

Thanks for any advice.


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I had that happen to me once.

You're shellac is drying before it hits the wood.

Use some more alcohol to thin it and give it another shot.


If all you're doing is trying to color coat your neck, avoid the shellac and just put some amber dye in your first coat of lacquer and just use lacquer, the shellac is totally unnecessary, especially blond, it doesn't even have any color to begin with.

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