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Pickup Output Resistance


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I'm measuring the output resistance from two Seymour Duncan pickups I just bought - a Custom bridge and Pearly Gates neck. When I measure the resistance on my multimeter, I get only about 1/2 the output posted on the SD site. When I measure a Duncan 59 that I have already, I get the correct reading. The two new ones have gold covers and the 59 is without a cover.

Any ideas?

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It sounds like you are either mesuring one coil or its wired parallel

the SHPG-1 Pearly Gates should be 7.3k so half would be 3.65 in single coil

or aprox 5.11 in parallel

do either these readings sound like what your getting

post how you have them wired (color wise) and your readings

as far as the custom wich model # as there are several from duncan

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Guys, thanks. I figured it out that I was only measuring one coil on each, thus roughly half the reading (i.e. 3.58 for the PG and 7.13 for the Custom). When I twisted the wires as they would be installed and then tested, I got the correct reading. :D

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