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Masking Purflings

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I'm in the process of refurbishing an old Raven Hollowbody six-string (That was the name used in Canada for Univox guitars; it's an Epiphone Casino copy, the Univox model was named "Coily") and I'm about to start painting the body and would like to get some feedback on my intended plan for masking the purfling at the edge of the body. In the past I've always used tape to mask any edges that needed to be masked, but I found this process to be painfully frustrating at times, so I came up with the idea of brushing on a thin layer of rubber cement to cover the purfling and keep it free of paint and then simply rub it off when the spraying done and dried. I'm going to experiment on a test board before attempting it on the guitar, so I guess I'm just looking to get feedback from anyone who may have tried this before or any thoughts on this the rest of you may have. Thanks.

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IMO, using masking fluid will be painfully slow, and it'll be very difficult to get a sharp, straight, edge. I use tape, and once it's in place I burnish it down, with an erasor, or a small block of soft wood. This makes for a clean, crisp edge. Then, I use a razor blade to scrape back the top edge of the binding.

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