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First Guitar

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums as you can see.

I have been playing guitar and bass for about 3 years now, and recently purchased a new guitar. The pickups broke within a month, and I wasn't going to pay to repair it, so I sent it back.

I got the money back, but it was the only one they had in stock, and I couldn't find a guitar that I liked.

Therefore, I have decided to build my guitar. I have purchased some nice EMG pickups neww off Ebay that were going cheap, and I will also buy a neck off a website I have found.

The only part I'm not simply buying and constructing, is the body.

I'll probably keep updating this thread with questions, or progress.

Here is a small version of the template for the body:


My first question is this: I have seen a nice Jem-style neck with vine inlay on Ebay. It costs £14 more than a normal Jackson/Ibanez style neck, is it worth the extra money?

Normal neck:


The lovely Jem neck:


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Do you want to use the coil-tap option? My favourite 2 HB wiring is PRS-McCarty type. That is one master volume, one master tone with push-pull pot for coil tap, one LP-type 3-way pickup selector switch.

Gives you 6 good tones, easy to navigate round during the heat of a gig.

If you ever get stuck with wiring, ask the guys here:


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