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Suggestions On How To Connect Headstock

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ok some of you may remember my previous posts about a problematic headstock situation B)

I'd be glad if you guys can come up with suggestions on how to connect the headstock as I don't want to make another one right now...

I have about 2 cm of space between the end of the fretboard (that pencil-drawn line) and the end of the neck blank (the nut has to be here too!) that I can use to connect the headstock... please, this is the only thing that keeps me from continuing my project...

a picture showing the neck and the headstock

please help :D:D

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I'm afraid the answer is either:

measure twice cut once


Plan ahead better.

You neck blank is not long enough, and any joint you make will be prone to failure. Given the relatively small expense of getting more wood, I'd say your best option is to get a piece which is big enough.

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I haven’t done this myself, nor have I seen it done, but this is the only solution I can think of: A double scarf joint.

Extend the headstock with a “backwards” scarf joint and then continue as with an ordinary scarf joint.

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