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Changing Neck Radius

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No. The best way is to remove the frets, re-sand the fretboard to the correct radius, probably deepen the fret slots some (in the middle if you are flattening the board, at the edges if you are making a more narrow board), re-fret, refinish if you have a maple fretboard and finish of with leveling, crowning and polishing the frets

Removing the fretboard is a much larger job. It is guaranteed to make you refinish the neck even with a rosewood or ebony fretboard.

No intention of being a bully, but as I read your post I get the feeling that you missing some important knowledge. if you don’t have this sorted out, it might be a little early to go for this type of projects (removing fretboards). Read up a little more, ask the questions (ok you have started with that, that’s fine) and then have a go at simpler jobs first.

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