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Primer Then Wood Filler? Or Vice Versa?

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EDIT: The title might be misleading. We've primed the guitar already, we plan to use wood filler over then primer and then prime AGAIN. I just want to know if that's ok.

Hey all, just chiming in before I try refinishing my guitar body again. I've tried aersol paints first, but since we had some major mistakes, I sanded the guitar down again. That first time, the wood was filled first, then primed and it DID hide the grain. Now I have all acrylic auto primer and paint (urethane clear-coat too) and we've already primed. We thought this new primer would also fill the grain, but it didn't on the first coat.

So, I've laid out some options here. I'm hoping you all can tell me which one is best (if any are better than one another):

A ) Primer + primer + primer until the wood grain is filled. (if even possible..?)

B ) Primer + wood filler + primer. (what we plan to do)

C ) Sand guitar down, wood fill, then primer.

I hope to be :D this guitar very soon.

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bondo will stick to the primer that i know and you can paint over it

wood putty may work but i have no experiance using over a primer or paint

and like i said wood putty shrinks bondo does not or try epoxy as suggested here


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