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Name That Wood!

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Got this piece from a house I painted last summer. I used half of it to fashion a durable top step at the front door and the owner let me keep the remainder. I plan to cut it into bolt on neck (2 pce. w/ fretboard) for a future guitar. I'll have to dodge a few screw holes but I think it can be done. :D


I honestly don't know what kind of wood I am dealing with here. Its extremely hard and dense and has alternating ribbons of open grain and densely packed closed grain not unlike maple. Its the figuring that impresses me the most. I've rarely seen such solid flame pattern in a piece of wood. :D

Heres a closer pic:


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i do a lot of sculpting with oak and even though your wood is much lighter.. if you take the figure out of it the grain is consistant with the live oaks and spanish oaks that grow wild around here.

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