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Wiring Help - An Awkward One!


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I've got a friends guitar the moment and he wants the pickups replacing and it re-wiring with a complicated switching system.

Its had me stumped for a while, and I was wondering if one of you electronics geniuses could take a look at it for me :D

It's an HSH guitar, and he wants the following combinations:

Neck Series

Neck Parallel

Neck split and middle

2 Inner Hum coils

Bridge Series

I can work it all out bar the neck parallel section - I dont think I've got enough poles on the switch to include that one! (it's a megaswitch - 4 pole)

Any help guys?

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:D you're right that was a bit of a fiddle!


I'm pretty sure that's all correct but if it doesn't work then come back and complain :D

I've used pretty random colours so if you want it in a particular colour code (ie if you know what pickups you're going to be using) then I can refine it a little if you need me too B)

hope this is of help


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