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Top And Fingerboard Removal

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25 years ago I made a classical guitar out of Cypress. The fingerboard was indian rosewood and the top was western red cedar.

After neglect and a hot garage, the top and back are delaminating.

It was my second guitar, so bear with me.

I want to bring it back to life and want to know what type of technique is used for top, back and fingerboard removal.

The glue I used was original Titebond.

I still have all my building tools, but no removal tools, such as a steamer that many seem to use.

The top and fingerboard will be replaced, but the back will be fixed.

It'll probably be better to build a fresh guitar, but it is a very sentimental piece.

Thank you Irving Sloane for the inspiration to pursue my passion some 25 years ago..

God rest your soul, my friend!


Mike Perez

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