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Volume Rolloff


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Here is my challenge...

With my new bass my EMG Select pj set is wired in a Fender Jazz configuration. The volume rolls off very quickly and then seems to remain pretty constant until output is dropped altogether. This is true of each volume control. It is my understanding that this is caused by resistance loading caused by the pickup itself as it is shorted to ground (I don't really get that one yet).

After much thought what I am wondering is this... If I use linear taper pots instead of audio taper pots will my volume change then become more consistent with changes in the volume control pot?

Any help anyone can give me in understanding these concepts and creating a linear sounding volume control will be immensly appreciated.

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search the secret life of pots

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Linear pots are mathematically linear. Audio pots are ment to sound linear (because human perception of sound is not mathematically linear) so in short no. Linear pots will not sound more linear than audio pots if used as a volume control. if the taper sounds a little weird to you double check all your wiring is correct (none of the hot and grounds swaped could be a possible cause for an odd sounding taper). Other than that you're a bit stuck I'm afraid! not many options when it comes to pots with differant tapers.


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