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Wiring Diagram Question


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my wiring diagram shows a pot with the cap soldered to the middle lug is it OK if its soldered to the outer lug???

If it were a linear taper pot it wouldn't make any differance if you swaped the centre and outer lugs (as long as you only had those two wires connected and no connection on the third. However, the A in your pots part code means its an audio taper pot which means it WILL make a differance swapping those two lugs over. what's stopping you from connecting it up the normal way anyway?

and what type of cap would this cap be if the one that is solder to the 500k pot I have if it say 2A473k

Would that mean 2 amp 473k or would it mean something else????

if you're following the diagram exactly you need a 0.47uf non-polar capacitor (a ceramic or polyester based capacitor is the norm but any capacitor non-polar capacitor of the right value will do).

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On a variable pot, the two outer lugs are the resistor, and the middle lug is the slider, the variable part. If you remove the wire from the centre lug and solder it to the outer one, then the knob will have no effect, the resistance will be full on all the time (or off, depending on which outer lug you solder it to).

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hi PunkRockerLuke,

in the diagram you linked to, it doesn't matter whether the wiper connects to the cap and the left terminal connects to the pickup black,


the left terminal connects to the cap and the wiper connects to the pickup black.

the important part is that you use the left terminal and the wiper.


it would be just as valid to have one end of the cap connected to the pickup black, and the other end of the cap connected to either (a) the left terminal, or (B) the wiper, of the tone pot.

in that case a wire to ground would be connected to either (a) the wiper, or (B) the left terminal of the tone pot.



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Di Marzio's website says the Fred has red, black, green and white wires.


Green is ground, the pdf says there should be a bare too. If it is missing, try just using the green.

There are various schematics on the site too and all the wiring info. Di Marzio pickups have different wire colour codes to Seymour Duncans so you have to make sure you substitute in the correct colours

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