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Best Heights For A Sd Hotrails And Sd Vintage 50's


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Welcom to PG

The differences will be slight, and the best is personal preference. Too many theories and opinions here. Louder more focused as you get closer to the strings, more harmonics and more sustain as you move away... Your best bet is to experiment. If you can't hear a difference, make one drastic change in one of the pickups (i.e. start very far away from the strings, play for a while, then move them as close as you can) this way you will be able to recognize the differences and then you can focus on the more subtle differences by making small changes.

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That's pretty much my method... A lot of pickups have a sound sort of odd and muddy to my ears when they are up too high so I pretty much just back them off until they lose that sound and maybe a little more depending.

I adjust my pickups all the time though. The proper height is where they sound best to me at that particular moment.

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