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Please Help!

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I recived this body (with broken neck... i know, I know!) from a friend, the front had most of the paint removed and had been used as a practice pad for a drummer for some time! Needless to say, its in a bit of a state, I began to try and sand it down, but decided to ask for a second opinion; just in case I ended up ****ing it up even more.

Im going to spray it white; eventually.



Ohh... yeah: How do I get a nice, even surface to spray onto?

That was my original question I suppose

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Please read the picture posting rules.

I would think that a combination of sanding and wood filling (bondo if there are some REALLY nasty gouges) should do the trick. Hopefully someone can chime in on the subject.

Also, this should have been posted in the Finishing section.

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