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Low Action..

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I have my strat setup with a pretty low action, and I recently played a friends PRS with the lowest action ive ever seen and loved it.

Im wondering what would be factors to getting a low action, but still have playability.

these are what im thinking.

Good adjustible bridge

flatter radius fretboard(mine is 12 now, would I notice a drop to 16? would it be harder to play?)

steeper neck angle

lower crown fretwire (maybe just for certain frets?)

lower nut

anything else? am I way off?

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Do a search for Plek. Take (or ship) your guitar to a shop that has a Plek machine.

It's a CNC fret-levelling mill that can cut compound fret profiles (side-to-side as well as length)

to suit your playing requirements.

I've lost count of how many re-frets and levelling jobs I've done over the years, and even with tons of

experience, the best I can manage is 0.005" accuracy on levelling. The side to side compounding is the sole domain of the CNC mill. Accurate to 0.01mm.

I spend up to 5 hours per guitar on levelling, recrowning and polishing the frets; the Plek Pro can

do this in under 20 minutes and store the results in a database that allows the exact same setup to be

restored after a few years of playing wear.

Joe Glaser in Nashville, Gary Brawer in San Francisco, Peekamoose in NYC all use Plek.

Worth every penny!

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