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Scale Length

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Alright, I'm starting to design my guitar now, and I need to get this scale length sorted as soon as possible!

I have reasonably sized hands, so a big scale length is not going to be problematic for me playing the guitar.

The guitar I am designing is a 7 string, and will be tuned to standard starting off with a low A tuning (so I can play songs by Nile)

I am going to "shred it up" on the guitar I'm making...

What scale length would you guys recommend? And what string gauges would fit the guitar?

I am currently thinking of 27" scale length, but don't know if that will do.

Please give me your opinion, it's my first guitar, and I don't want to mess up!

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A standard 25.5 inch scale will take an A standard tuning, even with realtively light strings. so if you used a 26.5 to 27.5 you'd get the added tension without the worry of excessive tension on the cheesewire strings.

So you think 27" would be pretty much optimal?

(if so, once the guitar is made, it is time to Nile it a bit... *excited*)

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