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Pickup Cutting Out At Switch..


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So recently I was switching some pickups arround in my strat, and re wiring it with a better Iron.

So a pulled everything off and got it all back together(re wired the bridge pickup to be controled from the tone)


I just bought a set of DR's, strung it up, and did a few tests... it all worked, so I strung it, set it up, and cut the strings...

well, if I put preasure on the pickguard it suddenly cuts out, and re-tapping it does nothing.. BUT if I touch the switch it all comes back..

so I wiggled the switch(as much as possible, the screws are tight as hell) and it sounds like a dirty pot..

Im not ripping it all apart again for now, I havent played in 3 weeks because ive had the neck off to make templates and I really dont want to cut $7.00 strings..

what do you guys think it is?

bad ground?

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Either a break in a wire, or something is shorting out. Possibly a bad solder joint, but not likely from the way you describe it.

And why can't you refit the strings, I do it all the time. Hell, I might refit strings 5 or 6 times after I build a guitar before I'm happy with the electronic setup. I always put a new set on for the final setup, but there is no reason why you can't refit the strings.

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