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Which Bridge?

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Did you not even read the auction at all? It tells you which one to specify...

I know... Being 15 years old, and having no experience with building guitars before, I need to know which model would be the best for this type of guitar. Or doesn't it make a difference?

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Just a point but the picture you said you wanted it to look like is a TOM but you've linked to a hardtail Strat type ?!?!? Why not use a TOM if thats the look you want - CH sells them too, check his shop.


It's just I don't have much of an idea really, where would the strings go to once they've gone through the TOM?

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Sarcasm won't get you anywhere.

What have we done to *not* help you? We've told you which one of those bridges you need. As for the TOM bridge, you should know EXACTLY where the strings go... you even have a picture of one!

Like I said, you need to do some reading. You can't expect us to be willing to answer every little question you have if it is evident that you haven't attempted to find the answer yourself...

Just my $0.02.

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It's not that these people are not a lot of help, it's that you don't seem to have specified what it is that you want. In your picture, the strings go across the bridge, through ferrules into and through the body. If that's what you want, look at your picture.

By the way, I think you need to do some more studying too.

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Noct, this is one of the most helpful communities of any kind that I have found, but you do have to do your own homework.

Most answeres are already there, just look. I usually find answers to questions that I didn't even think of while searching. Good luck, keep us up to date on your projects.

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Can i make a recommendation?

Go to amazon or whatever (from the ebay auction i assume ur in the UK), and buy a copy of 'hot to build an electric guitar'.

Before you even think of doing anything, Read read read and read some more.

And pay attention in your DT classes... you'll learn alot :D


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