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Oiled Neck


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seems to me that there are 3 main types of oils for necks: tung oil, tru oil, and danish oil. i want to use it on my neck thru so i want the one with the most protection from the elements, as far as oil goes. i like what ever kind of oil carvin uses, that neck felt nice. also ive heard of waxing the neck after oiling, what wax do you use? if someone could point me twards a tutorial it would be cool.

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Forget real tung oil, it's terrible.

Tru-Oil is a POLYMERIZED Tung Oil, and is probably your best bet.

Danish Oil, I don't know nuddin' 'boud.

FWIW, NO oil finish is -that- tough to begin with, so don't get your expectations built up about protection too much no matter which one you pick, oil simply doesn't offer much protection, but Tru-Oil will probably give the best of what there is.

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you might try this. I had a can of tung oil varnish I have no idea where it came from.

I use tung oil varnish on a neck just to see what it was like.

I wiped it on about 10 coats and let dry over night between coats. I sanded with 400 grit sand paper after each coat.

you can tell when you getting a nice finish built up then sand it with 600 grit to get a nice smooth finish that feels nice and will protect the neck.

after doing this and reading about different hand finishes this might be close to a frech polish kind of finish.

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EVH charvels and all other charvel/jackson "oiled" necks are a thin coat of tru-oil..... If it's good enough for them.........

I thought it was normal to wax any finish..... I use johnsons paste wax.... go to your car parts store and get a can of any brand straight carnauba wax.

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