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Special Considerations With Making A Birdeye Maple Neck?


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I'm making a standard Strat style neck for a body I have. I've noticed just from jointing some birdseyes maple today that tear out can be a big problem, and I even have newly sharpened blades on my jointer.

I have a neck template & piloted template bit for shaping and profiling the neck and headstock. How much do you think I should try to cut at each pass?

What sort of tips can you give me from your experience with birdseye?

Thanks folks!


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yes birds eye maple and flame maple can be tricky.

slow down and take small cuts.

when you get tear out on any wood you should try and turn the wood around.

so you feed the oppisite direction you just jointed.

hope you under stand that one.

I have done it countless times just never had to explain it.

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Something that helps a lot is to take a sponge and wet the wood where you are cutting it.

Tear out is almost eliminated entirely.

Really??? :D you may have just saved my hairline! tearout is my single biggest worry. it's the second biggest reason i HATE routers

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