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Scalloping Necks

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Feels like you're playing on air, can make leads / solos / shred very easy.

Bends and vibratos are easier when you have a feel for it.


Chording is more difficult if a full fingerboard scallop is done.

I don't have much experience with it, but that's about what I've figured so far.

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I wouldnt go scalloping a 65 strat, but I dont think it makes it harder to sell, it just depends on if the person buying it wants a scalloped neck. I ran into a problem with a deep scalloped neck(too deep by the way) The decreased mass of the fretboard made the neck bow and I couldnt get it straight enough for good action unless the guitar was tuned 2 steps down. I scalloped the rosewood almost all the way to the maple!!! Young and stupid.

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Do a search!!! There are tons of threads on the subject!

It is a personal preference, just try a guitar that have a scallop neck to see what you think.

As far as resale value, I never buy or build a guitar thinkinh about re-sale... I don't see guitars as used car. I either like them or not... like mentioned above, I wouldn't do any mod on a priced instrument, other than that... its fair game...

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