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Tune-o-matic Bridge For A Seven String?

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Hey, I need your help again :D

At the moment I'm up to the point where I finally have the free time to design my guitar, yay! However, I've hit a problem. I can't find anywhere that sells bridges and gives me all the details I need.

Can someone help me find a bridge which is for a 7 string, is a tune-o-matic bridge, and tells me the details of spacing between the strings and bridge height? Or give me some help to doing this?

Also, any recommendations for which bridge to get are welcome! I would preferably not have a string thru (hence tune-o-matic) for ease of construction, but I'm happy to go along with whatever you recommend (so long as it doesn't have a vibrato arm).

Thanks in advance.

Edit : I've found a tune-o-matic bridge which tells me the string positions. Is working in the assumption it will be about 19mm high (like a Gibson tune-o-matic bridge) a bad idea?

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Have you ever search on the web for guitar parts??? There are tons of this bridges out every were!!! What about the supplier section on PG? I seriously don't like to spoon feed anybody and this is what you are asking at the moment.

Just go here


And do yourself a favor and research the web, you will find answers there a lot faster than if you ask in the forum... atleast this kind of questions.

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