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Basswood Suppliers In The Uk

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Hi Gang,

Just a quick query. I'm currently building a SAGA PRS type kit and I'm thinking beyond that now. I would like to make a telecaster type body and mate it to a neck bought from Ebay.

Now I know most 1st guitars are not very good so I would like to experiment with making the body from basswood before I tackle harder woods.

Does anybody know where I could get a basswood blank in the UK? I've been googling and can't find anyone.

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Basswood can be tricky to find over here, you could try www.craft-supplies.co.uk ....but as most UK members will tell you they're often out of stock of a lot of the woods they list in the catalogue. The best bet would probably be a finding a local timber yard in the yellow pages, and unlike CS they will normally plane the wood for you if you don't have the gear to do it yourself. Failing that buy it from the U.S., I think Will (username: sound@at11) has some Basswood in his ebay store at the moment. I've brought wood from him and got it quicker than a delivery from Craft Supplies would of taken...and I live about an 1 1/2 hours from them :D


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Thanks for that - I had a look on EBay and it's certainly tempting...I think I'll leave it until I've done the SAGA kit...don't have much room to store anything at the mo.

I had a Craft Supplies catalogue today...Lots of body blanks listed in there. I checked online and hardly any of them are listed and almost all of them are out of stock...hmmm - think I will avoid them.

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