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Best Way To Glue A Pre-radiused Fretboard?


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I'm taking a stab at a neck build from scratch and have a neck blank and preslotted & radiused fretboard. I'm worried that if you just clamp the heck out of the blank and board, you can damage the fretboard by denting it or screwing up the radius if you put too much pressure in one spot...but you need some good pressure to get a good seam.

What's the best way to glue the fretboard on in this situation?


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You don't want to be using so much pressure that you dent the wood as this would also tend to squeeze all the glue out of the join. You can make a caul with raised sides if you are worried about the edges not going down properly. Make a caul the size of the fingerboard from, say, 3/8 in ply and then add some small strips of 1/16in ply along the edges. Clamp that down and don't overtighten.

If you have to use a lot of pressure to clamp anything you have done it wrong.

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I'm in the same boat right now. gluing flat fretboards are so much easier...

I urge anyone to use some type of straight block to support the neck during the glue up. I found out the hard way about accidentally gluing in a backbow once, and I dont wanna go through that again, ever.

I like Melvyns' (thanks for writing that book!) and Son of Magni's approach, assuming that Sons' block is nice and flat the length of the FB.

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