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Can I get great sound with non active emg pickups or should I go with active pickups? Also, if I use active pickups I have a two knob guitar and a three way switch will I have to use another knob or can use the two knobs I already have? I understand I will have to use the knobs that go with the pickups.

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If you buy EMG actives you will indeed need to change your pots, your output jack too actually, but if you're buying new pickups they come with these (along with a diagram to follow on how to wire them). If you buy the passives then you can keep your existing wiring.

On the issue of which to buy its purely a matter of personal choice. Active pickups have been rather steriotyped as being 'metal only' pickups. This isn't true. You can use actives for all styles (though they might be less suitable in some situations I s'pose). Conversely you DO NOT need actives to play metal :D though sometimes they do sound nice.

If you'd like to get better advice on what pickups would be good for you then it'd be helpful to know what sort of music you'd be playing with them. :D

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