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Defret Completed.......

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i think you need to slow down; think about what you are doing, and stop ruining your guitars; cheap or not.

if you ever take out frets again (which you shouldnt on guitars because your playing more than one note at a time) fill the slots w/venneer or binding then fill the cracks in the fb with the right coulored filler.

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It kinda seems like you get a kick out of the attension you get you muck up fretboards. Thats cool, if thats your thing. However....

"This was really fun to do. I'm thinking about doing it a few more times and then defretting people's guitars for really cheap. I'd do one now for $30, but can't guarantee it'd be as good as the first time...lol... I would do a scalloping service, but i think we all remember when i did that before..."

I assume the part about touching someone elses guitar is a joke :D . If it was not that would be a VERY bad idea. Have fun with your experiments :D , but stay away from other peoples guitars B) .


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wasnt trying to piss you off or anything;

but instruments are first and foremost 'functional'

everything else is asthetic; wood filler will dry and crumble out eventually, unless you finish it; and having gaps in your fb isnt good;

its fine if your learning; but if you cant take critisism after dumb moves, youve gone as far as you will;

good luck


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I think that it looks cool with a white filling. It's a ****ing project, you're supposed to learn from it.

And if you're not supposed to take out the frets, then why don't cellos have frets. It broadens your horizons on the guitar.

It does look cool with white markers :D .

Your right we are supposed to learn from projects. What have you learned from your projects?

What do you want to hear from us?

Honest-The work looks sloppy and the method is poorly thought out. Stay away from other peoples guitars.

B.S. Feel Good Responce- Looks cool! Maybe I should try that myself,No-limits man :D .

As far as experimenting with fretless necks. Go for it. It is your guitar and trying something different is cool. Why Cellos have no frets makes no real difference as they are different instruments. Like I said if it is your personal guitar the sky is the limit.


I can't honestly figure out what other responce you figured you would get. Which brings me back to liking this kind of attension.

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