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Need Help To Assemble My Humbucker!


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Hi there!

I've built some singlecoils over time ad now I'm trying to build a humbucker for the first time. So I bought a kit from StewMac.com


And in the instructions from StewMac it says:

4. Wrap the end of your 42AWG coil wire (#1462) around the exposed end of one of the black lead wires. Solder the coil wire to the lead wire — the heat of the solder should melt the poly-coating off of the copper for a good solder joint. Poke approximately 1" of the black wire through the “square in a circle hole” on the bottom of the bobbin — from the inside of the bobbin out through the bottom (the bottom of the bobbin has four round mold marks). Kink the black wire so that it lays against the bottom of the inside of the bobbin.

I don't understand the bolded part that well. Maby it is because of my poor English. What the hell is “square in a circle hole”. Could someone explain more accurate how I'm supposed to do with the lead wire! I'd really appreciate it!

Thank you in advance!

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One of the small holes on the StewMac bobbins is a small square with a circle indented around it, making it look like the hole is a "square in a circle." I think it's the hole closest to the edge, not too hard to find.

Thanks man! I was able to find it now, kinda embarrasing!

But only one of my bobbin has that square in a circle hole, only the one for the polepiece screws.

But may it ain't to difficult to figure out how to do on the other one then..

Thanks a bunch!

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