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Ebay Tunematic

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I need a tunematic for the solid body that I'm building. I see quite a few no-name tunematics on ebay. Does anyone have experience with these? Are they likely to be of decent quality, or does it matter as long as they have the proper spacing and radius?

I have bought a few, from several sellers, and most seem to come from "Sung Il" do a google for them and look at their site... The gear is quite good, but obviously you get what you pay for. It all seems to be good quality, and while not exactly show quality, it would be as good, if not better that the gear you'd get on most mass produced big name guitars

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Ibanez guitars (well my Destroyer at least) come with Sung IL TOM....I'm pretty sure Epiphones TOM's are made by them too (can't remember though).

In my opinion the quality of the bridge is only really important as far as needing to be able to adjust it for string hight/intonation acurately. The quality of the metal might affect how long it will last (though I can't see anyone breaking a bridge even if it is made of pot metal) its not going to noticably affect the tone (IMHO of course).

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