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Blend Pot Coil Tap

al heeley

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I'm struggling to work out the wiring for a blend pot coil tap like the new Vintage Advance guitars have.

I'm thinking basically a PRS McCarty style set up, that is master vol, master tone, 3 way toggle switch then instead of the push-pull tone pot an extra pot where coil tap can be blended in from fully on to fully off.

Any ideas how the vintage wiring works?

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If you're wanting both pickups to be coil taped then you'll probably have to buy a dual pot (one with two 'bodies' but only a single shaft) something like this:


those are available from axesrus.co.uk (on this page about 3/4 of the way down) for £4 :D including P&P

then wire it like this for each humbucker on each body of the pot:


:D hope that makes sense

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