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Finish Compatability & Suggestions

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I have a few questions regarding the application of rustins plastic which I haven't been able to find with the usual searches, hope that you can help me out.

I would like to buy all my gear from one place, preferably Axminster in the UK as I also want some tools & they're quite good with prices & have free delivery etc.... I'm covering a mahogany/maple body.

I was going to get this set of dyes clicky...& cover with Rustin's plastic. I decided on Rustin's because of the great results that I've seen here & because it can be brushed on (saving me some money on spray equipment which can go on other tools).

My questions are:

- Are there any benefits to using the Rustin's "floor" finish rather than the standard one?

- Can I cover straight over the dye'd wood with the plastic finish or do I need a sealer coat? I've read that epoxy is recommended but also that there's no need for a sealer.

- Is this epoxy just 2-part glue or something else entirely?...I've only been able to find epoxy glues on the net.

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If I recall correctly the floor finish version has some plasticisers in which help stop scuff marks or cracking if you drop a hammer on it. The furniture one is what you want as it gives harder finish and higher gloss. Plastcisers can act to soften the coating just a little bit.

You can apply direct over the dyed wood if it is thoroughly dry.

Rustins say no sealer is needed.

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I just want to highlight a really important part of what you were told up there - wait for the dye to THOROUGHLY dry before applying the plastic coating (i.e. more than 24 hours) otherwise you will end up with a patchy mess (I speak from experience, using the same products from axminster).

excellent (not the patchy mess bit), someone who's used the same stuff!

apart from the obvious problems how was the dye & rustin's to apply?

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