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Semi-acoustic Questions


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The electronics are housed on the top "horn" section, the Jazz one also has two pots in the usual place. The pickups are Piezo's which are built into the bridge...they are standard fair on electro-acoustic & MIDI enabled guitars & a search for Piezo pickups will throw up plenty of info on them. The pickups sense string vibration mostly so wood type & construction aren't always that important...Godin's construction choice is most probably due to asthetics & familiarity as much as sound.

I'd strongly suggest looking on the Godin website & searching for "Multiac" on google because you'll find everything you need to know that way.

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I was looking through my minature Godin catolouge and saw what is listed as the 'Multiac'.

I have a few questions:

1. Is it really as simple as a dual chambered mahogany body with a spruce top, and electronics?

2. If so, how the hell do i do it? where do the pickups go? what pickup system?

I understand how to chamber guitars, but where does the electronics go? and im assuming that because its a dual chambered guitar the top is in no need of bracing?

Sorry for the n00bish questions, i just really like the look of these things, and am intrigued on how they work.

I will try and find one to play, then maybe look into building one.


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