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Guitar Templates?

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well ive been wanting to build a guitar since forever but the wood cutting and sanding part i dont know how to do but a few days a go i found out that a friend from school can make me a guitar body & neck in woodshop class for free all i need is to pay him for the wood used and give him the( dimesnions and templates) but i dont know where to get the dimensions or templaes or anything :D .. does anyone know a site?

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the easiest method I found is to do it your self.

Its not difficult....

Decide on the shape you want (ibanez, PRS, Fender Gibson... Whatever)

Go to the company website, go to the page of the guitar with the shape you want

Print it.

Check the scale length of the guitar (24.5",25",25.5",27" again whatever) on the specs listed on the website.

you will use this as a scale mesurement for the picture.

Draw a mid line down the center of the neck on the printed.

Measure the distances of the prominant points of the guitar from the mid line that you have drawn. and from the bottom of the guitar.

I also measured some of the most important angles on the curves

(but I can be a bit **** at times and that bit could probably be skipped).

Now the scale length is the distance from the nut of the guitar (the plasic/bone bit by the head of the neck) to the bridge/trem.

its simple math from here to get the ratio of size on the paper to full size

(if your no good at maths just grab someone who is!!!)

Plot the points on the wood to be used (or the template if your going to to a realy good job) and join em up.

Just make sure you use a good ruler and a decent set square!!!!

this will allow you to have any guitar your heart desires rather than being limited to whats on the internet as cad files!!!!!

PS get your mate to have a good charge through this site or Melvin Hiscocks book to avoid any misshaps.



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