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String Gauges For Custom-scale Eight-string?

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Hmm. Well, the eight-string i've got underway is designed around being a 30" scale tuned F#BEADGBE. I prefer 10-46 sets on my "normal" guitars in standard E, but I have no immediate idea on how to calculate string gauge based on a crazy-ass scale and low tuning. My gut tells me to try out a 12-56 set for low B through high B with an 8 on the high E and a 66 on the F#. I presume the change in gauge vs. open string tuning would require the D/G/B/E strings to be plain as opposed to a wound D.

The other worry I have is actually getting the string to fit through a normal strat-style saddle as the bridge I have is the Hipshot eight-string bridge. I can't see it being an issue hugely although I might have to round over the saddle transition a little due to the heavier wind and possibility of unravelling.

Any methods of working this little paradigm out would be greatly appreciated as I would be using the hit and miss method otherwise, and that means lots of wasted strings!

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I thought as much. I was hoping that the longer scale would allow me to use a slightly lower gauge. That said, I still haven't committed to 30" yet so 27" might still be on the cards.

I remember reading your build thread a while back. Awesome instrument! I didn't even realise that you'd made a 100% purpleheart neck till I looked back on it again this morning.


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