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Carvin Pickups


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I noticed in my searching through the forums that there were questions about Carvin's pickups and feel that I may be able to help out a little.

I bought a DC125C back in 1992 with the M22SD and AP11 on it, I played them for a while then decided to put and EMG 89 and SA in the guitar. After a little routing work to make the new pick ups fit I wired them up and plugged in to play, to my amazement there was not a huge difference!!!! The SA is a touch cleaner than the AP11 but the 89 sounded almost exactly the same as the M22SD! Oh well, money spent and a lesson learned.

I can't speak for if they've made any changes to the pick ups since back in '92 but that is my impression. I hope that this may help some.


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