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Routers Outside Of Us/uk


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The router I was going to have access to has become unavailable so I've been looking for a new one. The stores in my country Estonia (which is in the EU) don't have anything under $200 which I'm really not ready to pay. So I looked on Amazon and a whole bunch of other sites but for some reason they don't ship anything outside the US or UK.

Anyone know why or maybe know of an online store that does?

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Is part of the problem, perhaps, that you may run on a DC curcuit there instead of AC? There might be issues with customs. Just a guess! :D

No to the DC/AC...the entire world runs on AC power out the wall, with a very, very few countries running at 110-120v, and the vast majority at 220-240v. It's probably a customs issue, but I wonder if the TS emailed Axminster to confirm they won't ship to his location. He will need a credit card, but that's pretty much always the case.

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