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What the hell was bush going to do about the movie? The bloke who is in it is british!

Yes yes.... so we have been on date... we have sex now yes?

Gotta love borat.

Has anyone seen the premier footage in london... think its on youtube... very very funny


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When we were in Greece 2 weeks ago they had BBC world news on TV (only english channel) there were adverts for Kasakhstan that made aboslutely no sence whatsoever lol, they weren't selling it as a turist area - infact they weren't selling it at all! :D

i tried to find a link to the advert but obviously no one is sad enough to spend time putting it online

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Just been looking on youtube, and some of the borat clips are more scary than they are funny...


but the others are pretty damn funny :D

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its the audiences' reaction that I find scary

anyway, if you like borat then this site's pretty good. also has a load of ali g clips on it too;


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