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So while going all out in getting my fret slotting jig, and corisponding fretboard holder, thingamabob.. all done I kinda just started slotting with no regards to depths.

I know not to cut through the board obviously, and I also know that the board needs to have enough depth through the radius.

BUT the nut depth is pretty deep as well as the slot depth... enough that if I fretted it now there would be a gap from the end of the tang to the bottom of the slot.

Should I try and correct it? Perhapse by sanding the board down to a set level? or would it be ok with a bit of a gap?

how deep should the nut slot be?

I just bought a graphtech tusq and a graphite nut for the two guitars im building and I assume they are set at some standard depth.



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You didn't show/tell exactly how deep the slots are. Some good factory necks have surpisingly deep slots.

I'm currently working on a 1990 Fender MIJ that has factory cut slots that are almost 1/16" deep. Certainly deeper than I'd saw them, but doesn't ruin anything (except for looks on the neck edges, with that big filled gap under the frets).

Import Danos have them even deeper. Especially in the middle, because they cut them flat, across.

I wouldn't sand down a fret-board for the sake of making the fret slot ends look better. Anyway, you got a dark board, so filled gaps don't look so bad.

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