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Refinishing A Warwick Bass


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hi, recently my beloved Warwick Corvette pro-line 4-string sustained some minor damage in a fire. Luckily it was superficial, but i had to strip its beutiful finish down to bare wood.

Does anyone know how i can attain roughly similar results to the original finish? It is maple body, and was according to Warwick, a water based stain (mahogany colour) with a polyeurethane satin topcoat.

The staining isnt a problem, but im not sure weather to use poleurethane, or maybe try french polish over the stain?

I have spoken to guitar repair shops, and they tell me i need "special" machinery to apply the stain and topcoat, and then try and charge me £400 quid to do the job for me.

any advice would be greatly appreciated, as i dont have 400 quid.

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What your repair shops is telling you is rubbish. You can get great results yourself for much less. Minwax makes a satin poly spraypaint that is fairly easy to spray. They also have any color stain you want too. Of course there are a lot of other brands out there that do just as well even better. Ive had pretty good results with the Minwax products.

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